Rate program

"Programmed architecture "is the process of collecting and managing information Placed at the disposal of the designer andDesigned with the help of information, to adopt the most appropriate decisions about building design.

By the time the architectural firm responsible for the "programmed" to accept, The employer was expected to define the architecture, and In most cases, develop programs and provide documentation. Now, according to the regulations "American Architectural Association( A.I.A)" 17 "programmed" the first stage of the design process is introduced. "Documents program "18 is still the owner by employers who Or by design, and even a group "Consulting programmed" prepared.

In some cases, employers often documents as a list of services that canProvider is subjected to the design team. "The definition of the problem "and" Project Planning "19 in all projectsTakes place, leading "application documents"Are actively looking for work is smaller.

Benefits report

For "programmed" can be several advantages to expect.White believes having expertise in "programming" has several benefits:


  • Having the confidence required to manage Hrmvqyty) Now that is in any degree of complexity (assess and analyze situations
  • Decisions about where to lack the necessary information can be obviated
  • Extraction Information on how to advance the project to achieve
  • And knowledge of the matter at what stage the project should be finished


But on enjoying the benefits that I "programmed," concludes, is more comprehensive measures are presented as follows:


  • 1 -Looks forward design time. According to assessments, the study of all aspects of the project, To design a set of applications provides information to the designer to decide,
  • 2 -The efficiency) of economy, energy, time (increases.Through the project to be regulated, And operating costs including energy and the exact time of the project,
  • 3 -Mistakes can be prevented. By examining the action that comes from reduced errors and better attention to the client's،
  • 4 -Promotes the proper use of human resources and the environment.The number of required office workers, workers on the site, and the proper utilization of resources during the design process controls.