Three inspiration of nature in architecture:

Duplication and pattern and figures for inspiration from nature in architecture is divided into three types. Each of these methods more and more conscious of the way before it is crushed and A third way of good practices and absent.

  • Inspired by the forms of nature
  • Semantic inspiration from nature
  • Inspired by the rules of nature

Inspired by the forms of nature

In this way only addressed to mimic the shape and It does not respect the principles and fundamentals instruments.For example, in accordance with the forces that enter the Earth's layers Are formed; While architects ignoring these forces are simply picked up the status quo.Building turned into reality apparently normal,The most expensive is in fact abnormal, because The nature of the Act are kept at a minimum use of energy efficiency, If you have to build and keep building Shbhtbyy With irregular shapes, have taken a lot of energy.

Inspired sense of nature

Metaphor and meaning can not protect us from the trap of superficiality in.Architects have looked to nature to see things metaphorical society and Have constructed their buildings on it The best example of this strategy creativity.

Inspired by the rules of nature

The inspiration from nature, using rules and laws and Because of these rules, are common in nature, Have to take advantage of them, of a specific instance, was inspired. Architectural structures using the normal rules, to be closer to nature. Maintain the existing structure of loads and forces acting on it in the phenomena of nature,The raison d'etre of their structuresThat the natural structures of the different methods used to deal with external forces threatening. In the following four cases referred to.

Maximum use of tensile and compressive stresses in their structures

Nature is trying to minimize compressive and tensile stresses in its own structures And except in cases where bending stresses the importance of lamellar structure, not use. All structures are basically normal tissue layer; The levels and volumes of the side overlapping layers there. Nature wave layer to natural forms, only tensile or compressive reactions occur.

Break the force with flexibility and change

It is abundant in natural structures And high flexibility. For example, many birds prefer Their nests on the branches of the tree are soft and thin,Because the branches have more flexibility; They will be less likely to break.Such a procedure causes The structure also spend less materials, meets resistance is so much better.

Break strength and dodge against it

It is also a way of countering the force of nature; And in fact is based on reducing the amount and intensity of the force.For example, trees in heavy winds, with the possibility of bending Through some Of troops The top are therefore Of the force The trunk is reduced.

The use of intrusive powers against each other or themselves

When the wind in the trees, bend and When the wind in the trees, bend and Reciprocating motion,Part of this force against the wind, drain. Part of this force against the wind, drain The weight of a tree to hold the other side of the tree and vice versa. This behavior is similar in architecture The mast structure and main span of the bridge Lamylv Spain Designed by Calatrava is seen. The design and construction of the bridge, The balance between income and bays To suspend the aesthetic principles of non-symmetrical been established,So that the heart and main span of the bridge, as an agent for other maintenance.