The One of the questions of architectural theory West,is that When the concept of space is one of the architectural preoccupations.Before the late 19th century in any of the texts, talk not relating to space. But the architecture is always finding regular space What events are pre-set to develop.” Bruno Zevi ", the art and architecture of the space."Gideon" architecture speaks of space as the main argument. Flirt says: "The most difficult aspect of architectural space but it is extracts And head home that architecture must move towards it ".The most important feature of modern architecture after bringing iron and glass and hardware developments? Thanks to an intuitive new ways that were heralded impressionist and cubist information The new discovery is the concept of space and space as the positive qualities Vitruvius in the triangle of modern architecture made the new consistency.

The underlying three-dimensional space in which objects are And the relative position and orientation.Substantial material and a source of infinite space architecture The third dimension is not without meaning and architectural presence.Space is amorphous in nature, Visual and optical quality and its size depends entirely on the Hdvdsh Which is defined by elements of the form. When space enclosed by the start and organize the elements,The dominant architecture is created and function space character between these elements.Charles Moore says: "When a floor and a roof and four walls can be built, In addition to the six element, the seventh element called "space" exists,The trace element more than the physical elements of the space made by them. ". Space is felt by different people in different ways,So even on the fixed monitors the impact of social factors? Mental changes and It can be said that architecture is that responsibility regardless of performance This is a space to push the art. Architecture is a kind of language that can be expressed through the organization of space.The architectural language is very similar to the music.Because it is less understanding and more space is dependent on the location and language.In summary, human activities in space as a container or where it takes place Unbroken relationship with human life and the moment been separate from everyday life.