Concept literally means the, think and general impression. The concept can be used to design a project called Or methods and to exchange ideas with other architectural language Maryst and how the architect thought Mmaryst language.Today, especially from the 60s to evaluate the concept in architecture and important issue Determining the value and valuation of the Mmaryst To determine the value concept Architecture should be examined at three points :

  • 1-The idea of architectural thinking that the design process is done
  • 2-The ability of architect in processing concept
  • 3- Full surround his knowledge of architecture and architecture

Concept types :

  • 1-Priori concepts (look at other things)
  • 2-Metaphorical (see the abstract)
  • 3- Ink (look beyond the needs of the application)
  • 4- Program (look at the needs and objectives required)
  • 5- Idealistic (look at absolute values)

The hierarchy concept :

Understanding the relationship between thought precedence and delay, Ideas, concept In fact, the beginning of the process of achieving an appropriate concept for a supposed This relationship is sequentially : Images, idea. Based on the pattern of increasing complexity , Appropriateness and intellectual depth. To know two things you should know concept : First, the concept is necessarily something exotic and inspired a poem Is not We always light Tadao Ando Church or Church Lvkvr Rvnshan not designed Bvrzyh The concept can be A good mix volume as well as Spaces Such as architectural thought-provoking work by Richard Meier. We have a special design concept is not always necessary inner II Achieve optimal performance first Antzaryst Who is an architect. You may be dealing with a vicious circle The criteria for the valuation of the human mind and the concept of meaningful metrics are building Music is played with notes, Poetry is written with words Architecture or even poems require played well for the idea and concept is To give form to space and human emotions wake. Finally, talk about the concept of an in-depth discussion and Long .I looked at it from my perspective Sometimes your professors in the Faculty of Architecture of understanding of the problem Natvann The ability to clear the way for their students and students wandering in to buy The concept.