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Executive Team Mr. Saeb Sabbagh

Modern Design

Residential building exterior design simple rules that if you follow them the best results will be achieved.

Unique Lighting

Today, the building lighting is one of the important points. So that designers are trying to do there is no Curie point in the building.


Detailed map

When a technical plan is taking place on a paper from the mind of an expert , it's actually attempting to draw a map.

Inside the super

For an elegant and stylish interior should be in the home are the different phenomena.

Modern architecture

Executive Team Mr. Saeb Sabbagh


Energy conservation

The use of natural energies, such as solar and wind power
The building shall be so constructed that need fossil fuels to a minimum.

Harmony with the climate

Perceived sense of spatial existence and non-interference in its
Should be designed so that the climate and resources available Energize at the site of coordination and work.

Reduce the use of new resources

The use of natural materials and indigenous, recyclable and durable.
Buildings should be designed to use the new resources will be reduced.

Meet the needs of residents

Proper lighting and sound design openings
In sustainable architecture to meet the physical and emotional needs of the residents is very important.

Coordination with the site

Thermal insulation, sound and proper isolation of buildings.
According to land gently on your site and be compatible with the surrounding environment.


Natural ventilation through the roof
All of sustainable architecture must embodied complete a project that will lead to the creation of a healthy environment,